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In Almaty January 22, 2017 in the "Дом Приёмов" hosted a charity event (death anniversary) in honor of the memory of famous businessman Askar Jakulin, a man with a big heart, who cared for people, culture and language of Kazakhstan.

The event began with the Kazakh custom" Zhoktau". Zhoktau is a memorial song for the deceased. We know that crying and tears are not treated, but ease human suffering. With memorial song Kazakhs pay last respects to deceased on his last journey.

The event was attended by close relatives, friends, business colleagues, there were also many well-known persons of the country, who were intimately familiar with Askar Jakulin. The honorable guests talked about good qualities of a public man. Askar Jakulin was very kind, sympathetic person, was a patriot of his country, he made a significant contribution to the economic development of our country.

Employees of LLP "Company As-Ay Ltd." has produced several documentary videos about Askar Jakulin. Biographical documentary film was about his life, work and life principles.

All guests didn't remain indifferent after watching the movie, they are deeply learned Askar Jakulin. The film was so touching that the audience could not hold back tears.

Clients of the LLP "Company As-Ay Ltd.", relatives and friends expressed his condolences to the wife of the deceased. Relatives and his wife Jaina Jakulina remembered him with sorrow.

The charity event was attended by a delegation from Tarbagatay, East Kazakhstan region. On initiative of the deceased, is held annually Olympiad in the subjects of chemistry and biology. Guests from Tarbagatay expressed their gratitude to his wife and handed a letter of thanks for his significant contribution to education in this region.