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Results of an internship in qualification improvement in Urumqi Under the program "Үдік дәрігер"

2016, from December 5 to December 15 the doctor otolaryngologist of the university clinic "Aksay" KNMU named after S. Asfendiyarov, Medeulovа Aigul  passed a 10 day internship in the first clinic of the University of Xin-Jiang located in the People's Republic of China in the city of Urumqi. Sponsorship was provided by the charity fund named after Askar Jakulin on the basis of an official invitation from the partner university and for the first time the training was conducted under the program "Үдік дәрігер" also founded by this fund. The purpose of the internship is to improve the qualifications of domestic doctors abroad, enhancing cooperation of medical institutions. As a result of the internship, the doctor got acquainted with the peculiarities of Chinese medicine, passed the practice and attended the operations of the ear, throat, nose, thereby improving her professional competence, learning innovative methods of operating. At the end of the training period, the doctor was issued a certificate. We believe that the acquired knowledge, skills and skills in full will be used in practice. Travel expenses of Medeulova Aigul (flight, visa, accommodation, training) were paid by the charity fund named after Askar Jakulin.

According to the program of "Жанарту", the charitable foundation plans to purchase a medical device worth about 40 million tenge for the university clinic "Aksay" until April of this year. The operating unit will be equipped with modern and necessary equipment, allowing to carry out the full range of diagnostic and therapeutic measures to provide surgical care for children with urgent pathology.

At the initiative of the charity fund named after Askar Jakulin these good undertakings will help patients to undergo treatment at home without going abroad.