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We first charity event that was to purchase necessary medical equipment for the recovery of the musculoskeletal system, as well as for the prevention of children with disabilities was held. Director of the hospital and heads of departments warmly thanked the staff of the Foundation for the equipment purchased and handed over a letter of thanks.

It was supposed Thrombotic protective coating for children's playgrounds children's department of Kazakh Research Institute of Oncology

Entertainment show with clowns and foci was organized by the Foundation specifically for the Kazakh Research Institute of Oncology and Radiology in the Children's Day.

Thanks to the Foundation for sick children (two) were purchased Abijah tickets to Turkey for surgery

Before the first of September, the Fund took part in the rally organized by the mosque. The action was aimed at providing financial assistance to children from disadvantaged families, the Foundation has provided children with all necessary office supplies for the upcoming school year. Mosque Management handed over a letter of thanks to the Fund.

Askar Anuaruly Jakulin (1965 - 2016)

            Askar Anuaruly was born November 7, 1965 in the city of Urumqi, People's Republic of China. As all peers he went to a Chinese kindergarten, was in Chinese secondary school. In 1984 he entered into one of China's most prestigious universities - Tsinghua University. He became the first Kazakh who received education in China's elite universities. The thirst for knowledge, hard work, a rare wit and oratorical skills made him a leader not only among students, but also in the further work that he began in the walls of native university after his graduation in 1989.                               To expand the horizons of knowledge he went to Europe and spent some time in Germany. A good education was useful to him in China, where began the era of political and economic change. Reforms have opened wide prospects for people like Askar Anuaruly. The indomitable character and life skills helped him to start a business associated with the construction of major facilities. Great changes have taken place not only in career but in his personal life. Askar during these years married his classmate Zhang Wei (her current name Jayna Jakulina). The atmosphere of spring in the soul of man, as in nature bearing fruit. By the decree of fate Askar was  born in China, studied in Germany. But the call of the ancestors  told him that the first-born must be born in Kazakhstan – in the historic homeland. Where started the long way of their ancestries. So he left his business in Beijing  and moved with his family to Kazakhstan, where he again showed his strong entrepreneurial streak. Here he successfully established a new business. Company "As-Ay" under his leadership, has become a powerful financial center.                                                  He was a man of great erudition, profound knowledge, combining high culture, boundless love for his people, country and nation. It organically coexisted and complemented each other's professionalism and talent of the organizer, the moral principles and business ambitions. He was known as a generous philanthropist, maintains relationships with creative people.                                                                                                                                                                                 Noble ancestry manifested in almost every act. His grandfather Jakula Kushikuly in 1885 graduated from the Omsk Medical Assistant College, worked as a military doctor in the Royal army. After retiring from the post of Secretary Prozhevski province (Kyrgyz land), he returned to his homeland in Aksuat. In 1920 cooperation with the Alash movement were subject to persecution. So he was forced along with the children and villagers to flee. Offered armed resistance, he moved to the Chinese border town of Chuguchak. In 1933 under unknown circumstances died of wounds. The younger brother of his father Abilmazhin in 1912-1917 graduated from the Warsaw veterinary Institute and was one of the most enlightened and educated people of his time. In 1936, as an active «alashovec» and «enemy of the people» was sentenced to death. No less famous and revered men had relatives on the maternal side, who were descendants of the famous biys - Kuttybai bi, Bagara bi and Aktaylak bi which were in those days great authority among the people. For example, Kuttybai and Aktaylak, reputed to be good connoisseurs of the steppe customs and traditions, took an active part in the establishment of diplomatic relations between the Kazakh khanate and China. There are indications that they in 1761 and 1773 as Ambassadors of the Kazakh khanate had paid a visit to Beijing, where conducted negotiations with the Emperor of China Chin. And Askar’s father Anuar and his brother Magauiya in the formation of the Ili Kazakh Autonomous Region were appointed leaders of the two autonomous regions was appointed by the leaders of the two Autonomous regions.                                                                                                                  Mother Batima Jakulina in life have achieved considerable success not only in work but also in creativity. She had many talents, was an excellent orator and writer. It was characterized by intelligence, ingenuity and other human qualities.                                                                                                                                                                                            Askar Anuaruly was worthy of his famous relatives which found his last refuge in the Kensay cemetery in Almaty (died February 2, 2016 bequeathed to be buried in Almaty in Kensay cemetery). At the initiative of his wife was created a "Askar Jakulin Charity Foundation", one of the areas which is to support medical and health institutions.                                  About the death of Askar Anuaruly been written a lot in the media and social networks of both Kazakhstan and abroad. Still, the largest public outcry caused his bequest, addressed to his wife, published in open sources. the text does not leave the reader indifferent and it seemed that he had found his own life. People passed each other words that can still be found on the Internet.